ZAP (Zeros Aren’t Permitted)

Zeros Aren’t Permitted (ZAP) is a program designed to increase expectations of students who habitually, or occasionally, fail to complete and turn in assignments on time. Students who have zeros are likely to continue not handing in assignments, and therefore are at greater risk of failure and dropping out. ZAP, which involves the entire staff, clearly emphasizes the belief that assignments/projects/homework are important and must be completed. This program will direct students to use their abilities to acquire self-discipline and establish work habits that will serve them in an educational or work setting.

WHO:  Students who have a zero in class

WHEN: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 3:30-4:30

WHERE: Office

WITH: Mrs. Balboa or Mr. Higginbotham

How the program works:  Teachers will notify the parent that their child has been assigned to ZAP due to receiving a Zero. If the student is unable to stay due to transportation issues, please let the teacher know.  The student will report to the office at 3:30 on his/her assigned day.  Students will need to be picked up at 4:30.  If the student is a no show, consequences will be given.