Securly Parent Portal: keeping your student(s) safe online

Dear Parents,

Our school uses Securly to help keep students safe on their school issued Chromebooks even away from school. Starting this week, you will receive a weekly email from that will show you a preview of your child’s online activity while not at school. To receive access to their full online activity history, you can enter the free Parent Portal. If you do not wish to receive the weekly email from Securly, simply click unsubscribe in the bottom left corner of the email.

To enter the Parent Portal, click on the “go to my parent portal” link, or the “sign up” link at the bottom of your weekly email. You will be asked to check two boxes and then click “Yes, please set up my account.” Once you do this, you will receive an email with login and password information. After you set up your account, you can enter the Parent Portal any time by going to and clicking on “login.”

The Parent Portal contains three categories on the left from which you can choose:

1. Activity (shows a real-time audit trail of your child’s online activity)
2. Flagged (shows posts made on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ that have been flagged by Securly as potentially related to self-harm or bullying)
3. Settings (allows you to control content on the device at home only)

Your school is not able to assist with Securly Parent Portal questions, so please email [email protected] if you have any further questions.

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