Important Information 2018-2019 7th Grade Boys Athletics

2018-19 Information

Parents of 7th Grade Roughnecks-

As we close the current school year, I would like to provide you with some pertinent information concerning the 2018-19 school year for our 7th grade Roughnecks:

1) Subscribe to our 7th grade boys athletics blog ( ) in order to receive the most up to date information regarding 7th boys athletics.

2) We will have a preseason parent meeting in August.  Check the blog for the date & time.

3) All athletes will wear school issued equipment unless approved by Coach Boyett or Coach Iske with the following exceptions:

Football – athletes may wear their own cleats but we have quite a few used cleats.

Cleats should be predominantly black or white.

Basketball – athletes may wear their own basketball shoes.  We have a few pair of

If needed. Shoes should be predominantly black or white.

Track – All athletes must supply their own flats.  Sprinters may wear their own spikes

But we have quite a few that can be used.  Track athletes may wear WHITE

compression shorts only under their track shorts.

4) All athletes will need to supply their own towel.  I will wash the towels on Fridays.

5) All 7th grade athletes are required to have a physical prior to participation.  A physical form was provided to each athlete in the spring. Forms can also be downloaded from the UIL website or can be picked up from the fieldhouse during the summer.  Forms will also be available at registration.

6) Most football and basketball practices begin at 7:00 am.  We do not practice after school during football or basketball season.  Track workouts begin at 7:45 am but we also workout after school until about 4:45.

7) My contact information is [email protected] and 903-399-0484.  I do not get email on my phone but I check it daily during the summer.

Coach Boyett

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