About balboab

My name is Becky Balboa, and I am proud to serve as White Oak Middle School Principal. My husband, Tommy, and I live in White Oak with our two children, Madison and Connor. They keep us busy with their extracurricular activities. Education: Graduated from Pine Tree High School in 1993. Received BA in Elementary Education from SFA in 1998. Received Masters in Educational Leadership from SFA in 2004. Career: 18 years experience in education: kindergarten teacher, assistant principal, Head Start Director, principal. I look forward to working with you and your child. Please check back often White Oak Middle School news.

STAAR Parent Portal

Parents may access their student’s STAAR test results by clicking on the image above or by going to http://www.texasassessment.com/ and entering the student’s UAC and birthdate.  I have the UAC codes for Middle School students if you want to email me at [email protected]  It is easier to do the following:

Click on “Log in to Student Portal“.  Once you have accessed the Portal, click on “Look Up Access Code“.

You will be asked to enter your child’s First Name, PEIMS ID (Social Security No. no spaces), and Birthdate.

Schools have been informed that printed copies will arrive on a delayed timeframe for this transition year.

Student Electives Reminder

Many of our students did not fill out their Google form for Electives.  Please ask your child if the form was filled out.  If not, I need an email with your child’s name, incoming grade, and Elective choices.  If your child needs a Power class, double Math or is in GT, one of the Electives will be replaced with these classes.
**Incoming 7th Graders:
Choose either PE or Athletics AND
 2 of the following:  Band, Choir, Technology
**Incoming 8th Graders:
Choose either PE or Athletics AND
 2 of the following:  Band, Choir, World Geography (Space is limited), Career/Art (Space is limited), Journalism (Space is limited and must be willing to write)
I must have all emails by Friday, June 9. [email protected]
Please disregard if I have your child’s form.
Thank you, and have a great summer!

2017-2018 Student Electives


Incoming 7th and 8th grade students will have the opportunity to choose their electives for the 2017-2018 school year beginning tomorrow, May 16.  I have placed a 7th grade link and 8th grade link on our Middle School Web page.  Once students choose the appropriate link, they will be taken to a Google Form to choose their electives.  All students will take 5 Core classes, PE or Athletics, and 2 electives.
Students who are struggling will be assigned to a Power Class (ELA, Math), extra Math class, or ELA Intervention.  These classes will take the place of an Elective.  We will not know who these students are until the summer.  Students who are in GT (Gifted and Talented) will have a GT class so it will take the place of an Elective.