7th & 8th Grade Six Flags Trip

7th / 8th Grade Band Six Flags Trip Info

The 7th and 8th grade band students will be traveling to Six Flags tomorrow.  Below is the itinerary along with other helpful info:

  • Meet in the MS Band Hall by 7:45.  As soon as the Charter Buses show up, we will start to check roll.
  • Depart the school by 8:00 am
  • Arrive at Six Flags by 10:00-10:30 am.  Park opens at 10:30 am
  • Start checking in and heading to the buses at 5:30 pm.
  • Depart the Park by 6:00 pm
  • If everyone shows up on time and there are no issues, we will stop at Buc-ee’s in Terrell for a quick stop before heading home.
  • Arrive at the school by 9:30 pm (Due to travel times and stops, 9:30 is just an estimate.  Parents, please be flexible.)
  • The buses will park in the back of the school, so please plan on kicking up your student in the same location.

***I am aware that there is the potential for severe weather coming in overnight.  The latest weather model shows that it will push out of the DFW area by 10:30 or so and give way to lots of sun.  We will push through as planned but we will keep a sharp eye on the weather and make adjustments as needed.


Things to remember about taking Snacks / Drinks and other items on the Charter Buses:

  • No Open Top Beverages.  This includes fountain drinks and can drinks.  Any drink must have a screw on lid so that it does not leak all over the charter bus floor.
  • Any food must be contained in a bag and must not be dropped on the floor.  This includes chips, which are notorious for leaving crumbs all over the ground.
  • The bus needs to remain clean at all times.
  • Any items may be left on the charter while in the park.  The Driver will be on board the entire time and will make sure noone steals it.
  • Bring a phone charger to keep your phone charged.  There are plugs at every seat.  I will be communicating via text message throughout the day, so please make sure your phone doesn’t run out of power before we even get to the park.

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