School Threat

White Oak ISD is aware that a threat was made this evening against our Middle School campus on social media. White Oak PD has been notified and is currently investigating. They have made contact with the student who made the threat, and he will not be on campus.
The safety of our students and staff is our upmost priority. WOPD will be visible as school continues as usual.
Thank you,
Brian Gray, Superintendent
Becky Balboa, Principal

Military Week

White Oak Middle School is joining the high in honoring our military!!!  Each day, we encourage the students and teachers to wear a different color to represent different branches of the military.  Thank you to those who have served or are currently serving in the military.  We honor you!

Monday- Honor the Air Force and wear BLUE

Tuesday- Honor the Navy and wear WHITE

Wednesday- Honor the Marines and wear RED

Thursday- Honor the Army and wear CAMO

Friday- Honor the Coast Guard and wear RED, WHITE, and BLUE