Student Cell Phone Use

Reminder- students are not permitted to use their cell phones during the school day.  If they are caught using their phone, it will be taken up and turned in to the office.  Each time a cell phone is confiscated, it is logged in Skyward.  The first time is a warning.  Each time after that is a $15.00 fine.  If a student needs to contact a parent, they are allowed to use the phone in the office.  If a parent needs to contact a student, please call the office, and we will make sure the student receives the message.  Students who become ill during the day are to report to the nurse.  They are not allowed to text/call a parent to come pick them up. The nurse will call a parent to pick the student up. Thank you for your help.

A Letter for Parents

Please see a copy of the letter that was sent home with students the week we released for Christmas. The principals and Chief Terry Roach met with grade level to explain the consequences of what will happen if students are found in possession of or using any type of tobacco/vape/drug product.  White Oak ISD takes keeping our students safe very seriously, and we want to do whatever we can in order to do that.  I encourage you to talk to your children about the dangers of using these products.  Thank you so much for the support you give to use each and every day!

Letter to Parents