BAND – Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football Game

This Thursday, The 7th and 8th grade Band will play at the football game.  This is an easy performance grade.  We only play for the 8th grade game,  so the 7th grade football players can go ahead and play their games and then come to the band section.  We will meet in the MS BandHall at 5:50.  I have no idea when the game will be over, due to the constant starting and stopping of the clock.  I will guess that it will be over around 8:15-8:30.

****7th Grade Football players – You need to get someone to bring your instrument to the stands.  The band hall will NOT be open, so this is critical.  Once the 7th grade games are over, the football players are to quickly change into their regular clothes and head to the stands.  Parents, since they are playing their instruments, please do not bring any food or drinks (other than Water) to them while they are in the stands.  They will get 3rd quarter off, so they can get food at that time.  ***

Rules for the stands:

  1.  No Cellphones – We are still on school property and the football stands are an extension of our classroom.   The students can use their phones during 3rd Quarter, so Parents – Please don’t text them during the game.
  2. Yes, they must stay for the entire game.  They will not receive credit for leaving early.
  3. They receive 3rd quarter off just like the High School.  This gives them an opportunity to visit the concession stand if they wish.  They MUST be back before the end of the 3rd quarter.
  4. At the conclusion of the game, everyone must take their instrument back to the band hall.  Once their instrument is put up, they are dismissed.   Parents  – Please work out the details with your student as to where you will be picking them up.

October 31

October 31 is an Early Release Day.  Students will be dismissed at 12:00 in order for teachers to be involved in Staff Development.  Students will NOT be permitted to dress up for Halloween.  We have enjoyed a wonderful week of Red Ribbon activities so we will dress as normal.

Pep Rally

Due to weather,  the JV team will play Gladewater tomorrow in Gladewater instead of home.  This means our Middle school games will start earlier so our boys will not be at the pep rally.  Our band, twirlers, cheerleaders, and Student Council members spend a large amount of time preparing for our pep rallies so we will still have our pep rally tomorrow afternoon at 3:00.