Union Grove Trackmeet

Union Grove Track Meet

(Copied From Coach Boyett’s Blog)

Date:  Monday, Feb. 25, 2019

Site:  Union Grove High School

Divisions: 7G, 7B, 8G, 8B

Start Time:  3:45 (Field Events & 2400)   Running Events scheduled for approximately 5:30


Shot Put   8G, 8B       Closest to fieldhouse

Shot Put   7G, 7B       Furthest from fieldhouse

Discus      7B, 7G       Behind AG shop

Discus      8G, 8B       End of track

7th boys triple jump & long jump…east pit by high jump

8th boys triple jump & long jump…west pit by scoreboard

7th girls triple jump & long jump…west pit by high jump

8th girls triple jump & long jump…east pit by scoreboard

High Jump  8B, 8G   Big pit

High Jump  7G, 7B   Edge of track

Pole Vault    7G, 8G    West pit

Pole Vault    7B, 8B     East pit



4 x 100 Relay


110 Hurdles


4 x 200 Relay


300 Hurdles



4 x 400 Relay


*Last year this meet did not conclude until 10:00 pm so anticipate a similar time this year

*Due to the length of track meets, if your son only competes in a field event (no running event) he may leave the track meet with his parents as long as arrangements are made before the meet.  We ask all athletes who compete in running events to stay for the entire meet and ride back with the team.

*I would suggest sending a snack or concession stand money with your son.  They will have a bag for such items provided to them.

*Athletes are instructed to stay out of the stands during meets.

Cheerleader Tryout Meeting

From Coach Hall:

Reminder to anyone trying out for cheerleader or mascot….there will be a tryout meeting on Sunday, February 17th at 6:30 at the Middle School, in room 111(under the stairs in the science wing) for candidates/parent.  Completed tryout packets are due at this time. We will NOT accept late packets.  Attending this meeting will get you 3 points added to your score! See you then!!


6th, 7th, and 8th graders will be taking Benchmarks next week.  Please try not to make any appointments until after 12:30 on testing days.  The schedule is below (NOTE that lunch is at a different time Monday and Tuesday):

Mon,Tues:  Testing 8:15-12:15; LUNCH 12:30-1:00; 6th-8th periods as normal

Wed, Thur: Testing 8:15-11:00; Lunch-8th periods as normal

Monday: 6th-8th  Math

Tuesday: 6th-8th Reading

Wednesday: 8th Science  (6th and 7th grade will have their regular schedule)

Thursday: 8th Social Studies (6th and 7th grade will have their regular schedule)